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On 29 May 2020 the Board of Trustees of the Possehl Foundation voted to provide a total of €600,000 for “Cultural Sparks”, making it the biggest cultural project sponsored so far this year. The Foundation wants to help bring culture back into everyday life for Lübeck residents and to maintain the city’s thriving and diverse cultural landscape. It wants to help artists and those working in the cultural sector in Lübeck to keep earning their living with creative work during the corona pandemic, and to develop individual approaches for addressing this specific situation. Applications for up to €6,000 in project funding could be submitted until 30 June (the call for submissions in German can be seen here). We were delighted by the large number of cultural and creative artists who sent us their ideas for “Cultural Sparks”!

104 Cultural Sparks through to the end of the year

Corona is forcing everyone involved in producing culture to rethink. Familiar structures have to be abandoned, completely new venues are being opened up and used for performances, as the names of the projects suggest: “Out for Art” and the “Art Snack Bar” are among them, as is “The Lübeck Matchbox”. So on an evening walk through Lübeck’s green spaces you may find yourself in a piano recital. Or see the Holsten Gate side-lined by a film concert. A mobile circus theatre, a concert outside an old people’s home, a music video jam, dance and playground performance and a house visit from creative artists are just some of the events the Cultural Sparks will be bringing to the city by year-end. Culture is setting off into the great wide open, to the public, the urban spaces, shop windows, pedestrian precincts, hidden courtyards and even into nature: it is on the move on a flying carpet, a tightrope or a shadow mobile; often it takes place outside and for free. We will be hearing classic, pop and jazz, seeing puppetry and watching video art projected onto urban façades. Everyone who goes through town with open eyes and ears will discover plenty of Cultural Sparks.

A total of 104 projects were selected by the Cultural Sparks committee and will be put into practice before the end of the year. The Possehl Foundation has been overwhelmed by the creativity and energy of the cultural producers who are so important for our community and how we share our city. One positive effect of the programme is that it encourages plenty of networking among cultural producers, both in the form of deliberate partnerships and “en passant”, just by getting involved... We are certainly looking forward to all the surprises that are waiting for us in the months ahead.

Where can I find the Cultural Sparks?

There is a special online platform for Cultural Sparks at, which shows the current events and activities.

Our partner in this initiative is the KULTURTREIBHAUS

The Cultural Sparks programme was developed jointly by KULTURTREIBHAUS and the Possehl Foundation. The KULTURTREIBHAUS, or Cultural Greenhouse, was set up to make connections within Lübeck’s cultural landscape, with the aim of promoting and developing Lübeck as a cultural city across all its boroughs and beyond national borders; bringing together high and popular culture, sub-cultures and institutions. It is intended as a platform to connect existing processes and ideas in Lübeck’s cultural sector and to network people and institutions. Stefanie Reis is coordinating the initiative and is happy to answer any questions.

More information can be found at

Donations for artists and cultural producers!

All the residents of Lübeck and friends of cultural diversity can do their bit to enable even more than 104 Cultural Sparks to fly in the city. The crowdfunding platform provided by Volksbank Lübeck is an easy and direct way to make a donation – to support a lively cultural scene and the creative individuals who enrich our lives and who now urgently need us to stand by them!

You can donate to other Cultural Sparks here.


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