Young people

Education at all levels has become an increasingly important part of the Possehl Foundation’s work in recent years. In close cooperation with the town council, and in dialogue with other foundations in Lübeck, we want to help ensure that nursery schools, schools and youth clubs in Lübeck are able to offer children and teenagers in Lübeck a wealth of opportunities to enjoy learning and acquire life skills – regardless of their social or cultural background.

Endless Summer- a musical revue in the time of corona

The festival "Art at the Quayside", held in a collection of old dockland warehouses offers a two-week camp for children and young people every year to explore many different aspects of music and drama: new talents can be discovered and encouraged. In times of corona festival organisers were determined not just to giv in, but to give the young generation an aletrnative way of creating end experiencing live culture. They rehearsed under professional guidance and everyone was involved in the creative progress. Individual scenes were performed on stage and recorded to produce a series of videoclips.


Animal protection activities in Lübeck for the young

Tierschutz Lübeck is an association staffed largely by volunteers. In addition an shelter manager, seven carers, four apprentices and seven young people on a voluntary year take care aof the animals housed here. They also do important work with children and young people. The aim is to teach them about the requirements, the behavior and the biology of various different animals. They learn to show empathy and tolerance towards other creatures. This works takes place in institutions such als schools and nursery schools but also in private households. The foundation helped with a donation to bulid  six wooden pavillions: Now Tierschutz Lübeck can offer the whole range of its educational activities in the time of corona.



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