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Our founder Emil Possehl also wanted to encourage the work carried out by the citizens of Lübeck for good causes. Today the Foundation sponsors more than 300 registered non-profit organisations that enrich the life of the community in Lübeck. Almost half these organisations are sports clubs, which do important work with youth groups in addition to their sporting activities, and represent important social hubs in the city boroughs. The Foundation funds physical infrastructure, such as all-weather sports pitches, and finances part of the trainers’ salaries as well as sports equipment. We also provide financial assistance to charities and other initiatives organising social projects for people in all kinds of different areas. So we also enable immigrants in Lübeck to gain access to the whole range of local educational offers, for instance.

Help with addiction in Lübeck

Addiction and substance dependance have many faces. It affects all age groups, the substances may be illigal or legal an an established part of our daily lives. Experts fear that the corona pandemic has caused a large number of cases of addiction an relapse to go undetected. The structure of our daily lives hats changed and helpful social contacts have been restricted. Many kinds of support are not beeing offered at all and some people are not making use of what is available for fear of infection. And it is clear that the topic will remain urgent. The Foundation supports the work of Arbeiterwohlfahrt and CliC in Lübeck.

Offers for refugees and immigrants

Services for refugees and immigrants

The Possehl Foundation funds activities in almost all areas of integration assistance, which entails expanding existing structures and coordinating new courses. In addition, we want to encourage and strengthen voluntary work.

“FLOW - for Refugees! Orientation and Welcome Culture” is a programme which aims to help refugees from 16 to 25 years of age. This mentoring programme puts them in touch with local volunteers, enabling the refugees to practice their German language skills and integrate faster. A support network, supplemented by cultural, sporting and leisure activities, improves the range of psychosocial treatment for migrants who have been traumatised by their experiences.

The adult education centre in Lübeck is the biggest provider of the German courses that are so important for integration. Its “German for All” programme is open to any and all the immigrants here; regardless of their legal status. And in cases where the federal or municipal government does not cover the cost of language courses, the Possehl Foundation helps out.

Another of our focus areas is to open up access to our universities. An excellent model has been developed here in Lübeck at the initiative of Lübeck Technical University: the Lübeck Integration Courses, known as "LINKplus”. A three-stage foundation programme prepares refugees for a degree course at Lübeck Technical University. The concept makes use of existing courses, and adds teaching materials from vocational education colleges. This pragmatic approach enables the university to contribute to the professional integration of refugees into our society, and so to their social integration as well.


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