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In the arts and sciences we sponsor a particularly wide range of projects. One aspect is the funding of outstanding research and development at the higher education institutions in the city. Our funding focuses on special research projects, endowments for professorships and the technical equipment for scientific work.

An additional aspect is that the promotion of art and culture helps to reinforce Lübeck’s position as a cultural centre in northern Europe. Alongside the major cultural institutions such as the Lübeck Cultural Foundation, Lübeck Theatre, the Lübeck College of Music and the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival, which all receive regular funding from the Possehl Foundation, there are many other smaller initiatives that keep culture alive and vibrant in Lübeck and are sponsored by the Foundation.

Urban Space project: Romeo and Julia

The Possehl Foundation’s offices are in the Beckergrube, just a few steps away from the Lübeck Theatre in the same street. A. At Lübeck Theatre the Foundation has in recent years particularly focused on the educational projects Lübeck Opera Studio and Orchestra Academy, which the theatre organises in cooperation with the Lübeck College of Music.

In 2023 the theatre hit the road and reached out into the city. In the beautiful setting of the Cathedral Courtyard it staged an open-air production of Shakespeare’s classic play Romeo and Juliet. This is immediate, approachable theatre that is also interested in new audience groups. All the performances sold out quickly.

Superkunstfestival in Lübeck

The SUPERKUNSTFESTIVAL is Germany´s biggest inclusive festival with over 40,000 visitors. Very special is the atmosphere, the diversity, the involvement of cultural institutions and clubs from Lübeck, and the incredibly varied programme that includes music, art, film, circus and theatre.

The ticket policy is based on the principle that culture has to be paid for, but also has to stay affordable – and at the same time it enables people who would not otherwise be able to go to a festival to experience fantastic cultural events for free.

The team of the Cultural Academy of Diakonie Nord Nord Ost – consisting of people with and without disabilities from all nations – and their partners, paid particular attention to sustainability when they were organising the festival. The concept includes environmental aspects, such as recycling, reuse, zero-waste and carbon-neutral energy resources, as well as social and cultural sustainability.



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