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In the arts and sciences we sponsor a particularly wide range of projects. One aspect is the funding of outstanding research and development at the higher education institutions in the city (Lübeck University, the Technical University and the College of Music), whose research, diverse student populations and events organised for the general public are a source of inspiration and variety in the life of the city. Our funding focuses on special research projects, endowments for professorships and the technical equipment for scientific work.

An additional aspect is that the promotion of art and culture helps to reinforce Lübeck’s position as a cultural centre in northern Europe. Alongside the major cultural institutions such as the Lübeck Cultural Foundation, Lübeck Theatre, the Lübeck College of Music and the Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival, which all receive regular funding from the Possehl Foundation, there are many other smaller initiatives that keep culture alive and vibrant in Lübeck and are sponsored by the Foundation.

Studio 1 Sessions from Vorwerker Diakonie Cultural Academy


Since the pandemic started, independent artists have had virtually no opportunity to earn money from concerts. Just as the city went into ist first lockdown the Cultural Academy launched a series of digital concerts in cooperation with the University of Music Lübeck. The participating artits were paid a fee, just as for regular concerts. A total of 60 digital concerts have now taken place with the support of the Possehl-Foundation.


Research into the coronavirus at Lübeck University

In the perception of the general public the top priority is to develop effective vaccines against the virus. Just as important, however, although less spectacular, is the search going on all over the world for a drug that can cure people who are already infected. Prof. Hilgenfeld and his highly-qualified theam at Lübeck University are working to design new antiviral drugs. The region, the university and the foundation made a special fundung effort and ensured that research projects of this importance stays in Lübeck.



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