Our publications

General information about the Foundation

  • Every year we report on selected funding priorities of the Possehl Foundation. Our 2018 Yearbook is available for download:

    Possehl Foundation - 2018 Yearbook
  • In his will, Emil Possehl decreed that the Possehl Foundation should be the sole shareholder of his company - the document is available here as a PDF file (in German only): 

    Emil Possehl’s Will

Publications on the Centenary

On the occasion of the centenary of the Possehl Foundation, historian Dr. Axel Schildt has reviewed the history of the Foundation. "POSSEHL - Geschichte und Charakter einer Stiftung" ("POSSEHL - History and Character of a Foundation") being published at the beginning of our centenary year by Murmann-Verlag. More information will be available in May at www.murmann-verlag.de.


Who are we now? This question is answered by the "GUT & SCHÖN? Die Possehl-Stiftung in Lübeck"  ("GOOD & BEAUTIFUL The Possehl Foundation in Lübeck") magazine published by the brand eins Wissen publishing house in Hamburg. The issue will be available starting 20th May in the foyer of the Possehl building as well as at various other locations in Lübeck and can also be downloaded here.