People in social hardship

During Emil Possehl's lifetime, "alleviating hardship for those in need" was a mission of the Foundation which primarily benefited those disabled by war and their relatives or surviving dependents. Even to this day, the Possehl Foundation supports a large number of services for people in social hardship. However, these days we are experiencing need with a different complexion: the Foundation wants to prevent neglect, indebtedness and a lack of prospects wherever possible and is committed to improving the coordination and networking of existing programs and projects. 

The Hanseatic City of Lübeck, Gemeindediakonie Lübeck e.V., pro Arbeit e.V. GATE association and Rechtsfürsorge e.V. Resohilfe offer a preventive program as a supplement to advisory services for debtors with their "Knappe Kasse - Clever haushalten!" ("short of money - clever budgeting") joint project. Its goals are to provide people with financial problems a competent way of dealing with money, to give them assistance and guidance in debt relief, to contribute to the stabilization of their economic situation and above all to avoid further hardships. The Possehl Foundation has been financing this program since 2013.

The Possehl Foundation also collaborates with Arbeitskreis PHOENIX e.V., based in Lübeck. The association supports people who need help on their way to a "self-determined" life, e.g. with mental illness or addiction problems. They are encouraged to participate in "normal" social life in a responsible, self-confident and self-evident manner, even if they had to date been unable to do so through their own resources. The working group supports the people affected from the very beginning in the practical things in life, such as the rental and maintenance of their own home, administrative errands or, if necessary, in appointments with the debt counselling service. If money is short for certain specific acquisitions, Arbeitskreis Phönix will submit an appropriate application to the Possehl Foundation on behalf of the client.

With Foundation financing, CVJM Lübeck e.V. (YPCA) can help particularly needy students to successfully continue and complete their studies. Responsibility for this endeavor to advise and support students seeking help was taken over by a pastor in his role as student chaplain and on behalf of the Possehl Foundation a little more than ten years ago. Some €50,000 are available for this purpose on an annual basis to be paid out in accordance with the jointly agreed upon criteria. Every approval requires a counselling session to explain how future emergency situations can be prevented. This includes help with job applications as well as negotiations with the student union, health insurance funds and banks.