People experiencing social hardship

When Emil Possehl was alive, “the alleviation of hardship” mentioned in the Foundation’s articles of association mainly benefited injured war veterans and their families. To this day, the Possehl Foundation finances a range of programmes for people experiencing social hardship. But nowadays hardship takes a different form: it is neglect, overborrowing and a lack of prospects that the Foundation wants to prevent where it can, and here too, it works to improve the coordination and networking between existing programmes and projects.

“Smart budgeting when money’s tight!”

The City of Lübeck and the charities Gemeindediakonie Lübeck e.V., pro Arbeit e.V. GATE and Rechtsfürsorge e.V. Resohilfe run a joint project entitled “Smart budgeting when money’s tight!”, which is intended to supplement or if possible, forestall the work of debt advisory services. It aims to teach people in financial difficulties how to manage their money sensibly, to give them support and direction with reducing their debts, to stabilise their financial situation, and above all, to avoid further financial distress. The Possehl Foundation has been sponsoring this programme since 2013.

Arbeitskreis PHOENIX e.V.

The Arbeitskreis PHOENIX e.V. helps people who need assistance to “take control” of their lives, e.g. people with psychological problems or living with addiction. They are encouraged to develop the self-awareness, self-confidence and sense of responsibility to participate in “normal” society, even if they were not previously able to do so on their own. The working group supports its members from the outset with practical things; renting and maintaining their own flat, dealing with public services or arranging a meeting with a debt advisor as required. If there is no money available to buy certain items, the Arbeitskreis Phoenix applies to the Possehl Foundation for financial assistance on behalf of its members.

CVJM Lübeck e. V.

CVJM Lübeck e. V. is the German branch of the YMCA, and one aspect of its work is to help students in particular financial distress to complete their degrees successfully. Over ten years ago a pastor working as a student chaplain agreed to advise and support students seeking assistance on behalf of the Possehl Foundation. Some €50,000 are available annually for this purpose, and can be disbursed according to jointly agreed criteria. CVJM also gives support with job applications and negotiations with the students’ union, health insurers and banks.

Lübeck Education Fund

The Hanseatic City of Lübeck, an alliance of seven charitable foundations and the Unemployment Office coordinate an annual volume of € 4. Mio. which goes sopme way to creating a level playing field in education, with as little paperwork as possible. Grants are given for school trips, school lunches, excursions, language training and remedial training. in 2020 the regular offer was supplemented by equipment for facilities that are available to school pupils in the afternoons and can help them if homescooling becomes necessary.


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