Theatre puppets in Kolk & Hansemuseum

The Possehl Foundation has a member holding in the not-for-profit limited companies Europäisches Hansemuseum and Kolk 17 Puppet Theatre & Museum.

KOLK 17. Puppet Theatre & Museum of Theatre Puppets

The Puppet Theatre and the Theatre Puppet Museum are based in two merchant’s houses in an old Lübeck street called Kolk. These listed buildings are now being completely refurbished and modified. The two organisations are to be integrated and are scheduled to open again in 2024. In 2022 the building site was made accessible for visitors. A ceremony in June to lay the new foundation stone also marked a key step of the reconstruction phase. Both houses now stand on secure foundations and are visibly growing into their historic surroundings.  

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 European Hansemuseum

In the northern part of Lübeck’s old town is the European Hansemuseum, which was opened in 2015 by the federal chancellor Angela Merkel. Visitors to the museum are shown an informative and fascinating portrayal of one the biggest trading networks of all time. Its combination of staged historical scenes, cabinets with valuable original objects and a walk through the archaeological excavations carried out on the site make it a museum visit for everyone. 

2022 was the year in which the European Hansemuseum’s most successful exhibition ever closed with a total of 42,000 visitors. Colourful LEGO bricks were used to recreate the World of the Hanse in a way that was fun and exciting for all the family to explore.

“Good Stuff: Textile Worlds from the Hanse Era to the Present”: the special exhibition for 2022 combines the production, trade and consumption of textiles in the Middle Ages with aspects of sustainability and the fashion industry today.

And the European Hansemuseum became the first museum in Germany to join the organisation “Museums For Future” and so make a contribution to a sustainable future for our planet.

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