Media credits


©️ Oliver Schmidt: Lübeck panorama

©️ Thomas Radbruch: Füchtingshof

What we promote

©️ Thomas Radbruch: Façades; Füchtingshof, old town roofs

©️ Anja Doehring: Stadtmütter

©️ “Handball Days Lübeck”

How we work

©️ Olaf Malzahn for the European Hansemuseum (event photos)

©️ Werner Huthmacher: European Hansemuseum

©️ Thomas Radbruch: Glimpse into the University of Music

©️ Sihoo Kim: Esmé Quartet

©️ Ivan Denisenko

©️ Lutz Roessler: Eirini Aravidou

©️ Lübeck University of Applied Sciences: Views of the university, award ceremony

©️ Wolf-Dietrich Turné: Portrait Gerber, Schön, Salcedo

© Doris Salcedo. Courtesy White Cube: “Plegaria Muda”

©️ John Garve: Doris Salcedo, award ceremony Possehl Prize for International Art

© Doris Salcedo. Photo © Sergio Clavijo Courtesy Alexander and Bonin, New York and White Cube: Installation Biennale Istanbul 2003

©️ Fred Dott: "Tabula Rasa", installation photos , Kunsthalle St. Annen, Lübeck

©️ Felix König: Portrait of Janine Gerber

©️ Helge Mundt: "Was ich sehe blickt mich an, exhibition photos

Where we come from

© Buddenbrookhaus Lübeck: “Lübeck 1869”

Who we are

©️ Thomas Radbruch: View from the Muk, Senate Album

All other images were made available to the Possehl Foundation for publication by its applicants or come from the Possehl image archive.

EMIL 100 - Past events

©️ Felix König: Book presentation


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