Possehl Engineering Prize

Since 1983, the Possehl Engineering Prize has honored the outstanding work of graduates in the field at the University of Applied Sciences in Lübeck every year in the audience chamber at Lübeck town hall. Since the first award ceremony, more than 70 prizes and awards have been conferred. The Possehl Engineering Prize illustrates the entire spectrum of teaching at the Technical University of Lübeck with its focus on Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, Applied Natural Sciences, Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering & Economics.

Steffen Hellmann receives the 35th Possehl Engineering Prize for the successful search for characteristic "fingerprints" in water 

On 20th November 2018, before an audience of some seventy guests from business, science and politics, Foundation Chairman Max Schön presented the prize worth 5,000 euros to Steffen Hellmann, a graduate of the Chemistry and Environmental Technology course, for the best thesis at the Technical University of Lübeck. Hellmann's work is entitled "Elementfingerprint von Sedimenproben der Weser sowie Methodenentwicklung zur Messung von stabilen Pb-Isotopenverhältnissen mittels ICP-MS/MS" ("Element fingerprint of sediment samples of the Weser and method development for the measurement of stable Pb isotope ratios employing ICP-MS/MS").